Group Performance Report - 2020-2021 Season

Cumulative Season Group Performance Report 2020-2021 Season

 Justifiable Reason

Grade A or Excellent compliance means there is a very close correlation between submitted results and wet chemistry results (a z-score of less than 1). Grade B or Good compliance means there is close correlation with minor variations which can be fully explained (a z-score of 1-2). Grade C or Satisfactory compliance means that there is some correlation between submitted and wet chemistry results with some larger variations which require further investigation and potential corrective actions to improve. Grade F or Non-compliant status means that there is a large variation between results submitted and wet chemistry (a z-score of greater than 3).  Grade F can also reflect that no data was submitted by a member laboratory for that month’s Proficiency Test. Grade P is awarded if there is a Justifiable Reason why results have not been submitted by group members. Awarded at the discretion of the Group Technical Secretary, this occurs only in the event of an unforeseen circumstance such as equipment failure, damage to laboratory etc

September 2020

The new season of the Proficiency Test started this month with grass forage samples.  The results show very good compliance and consistency across Dry Matter, Crude Protein and ND Fibre analyses on which the grading is based.

82% of members achieved a Grade A and 12% Grade B.  One laboratory (6%) did not supply results of their analysis and therefore was awarded an F grade.  This non-compliance is reflected in the overall group performance results graph.

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