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SRUC Veterinary Services (formerly SAC Consulting Veterinary Services) provides advice and laboratory services to thousands of customers in Great Britain, Ireland and Worldwide. We employ over 25 vets who have the backing of around 100 scientific and support staff. We provide a practical approach coupled with strong scientific knowledge.

What FAA Membership Means for SRUC Veterinary Services

Being a member of the FAA group allows us to ensure that the results we provide for our customers are both accurate and reliable. Every year we analyse thousands of grass silage samples using near infrared spectroscopy (NIR), this is a quick and relatively inexpensive way of analysing silage compared to wet chemistry (seen as the industry gold standard). The monthly ring tests involved with the FAA group allow us to ensure that our NIR results are in in line with the FAA group both against wet chemistry and the NIR master machine.
As well as grass silages we also analyse whole crop and maize silage through NIR. These also go through the same testing and checks as the grass silage samples, again ensuring are results are accurate and reliable.
All samples (including the PT samples) that we receive are all put through the same methodology to ensure that all external factors such as temperature are controlled. After arriving at the lab our skilled lab technicians prepare the sample for testing. Firstly, by thoroughly mixing the sample, then taking a small portion and wrapping it in cling film. The samples are then placed in a temperature- controlled room where they are left until they reach 20°C. Once they have reached the desired temperature, we scan these through the NIR machine which produces the silage analysis. These analyses form the basis of most rations, therefore are key to ensuring what is being fed is meeting the animal’s requirements. It allows the nutritionist/consultant to advise on where it is possible to make a saving on concentrates or where supplementation may be required to optimise performance most efficiently. Without an accurate forage analysis this is not possible. At SRUC we pride ourselves on providing independent advice to our clients with back up from the SRUC labs.

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