The Feed Adviser Register (FAR) helps demonstrate to customers, government, industry and stakeholders that the feed sector understands the effect of feeding management on the environmental performance of the farm, is acting responsibly and is involved at the very centre of UK farm animal production. It was set up in 2013 by AIC and the feed sector in response to the Governments’ commitment along with industry and customer demands to reduce emissions from farmed livestock and there are currently over 1100 advisers registered. To cover the range of factors involved, the FAR Core Modules and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) give a comprehensive training and qualification framework for those involved in on-farm advice.

What forage analysis means for us

The main objectives for feed advisers within FAR is to provide quality feed advice, consider production efficiency, and reduce environmental emissions in the livestock sector.
An important part of the core training provided within the area of whole farm feed planning to the registered advisers includes determining the nutritional value of home produced feed and forage, knowing the best sampling techniques, how to interpret results and ideal target values. Advisers must be able to calculate forage stocks on farm vs target animals, their required feeding period and understand harvesting techniques to maximise feed utilisation.
It is important for advisers to sample forage produced on farm as the management of the crop being fed to the livestock influences the suitability of each cut/clamp. They must also have a basic understanding of production, nutrition and feeding systems, and an awareness of opportunities where nutrient inefficiencies and excesses can be minimised thereby reducing negative impacts on the environment. The analysis of feed plays an important part within the feed ration planning for livestock on farm.

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