Bandon Co-Op Agri-Feeds
Bandon Co-op was founded in 1903 and currently employs 330 people with 650 owner shareholders. The objective of its founders was that Bandon Co-op should purchase milk from suppliers in the area and manufacture butter. The agricultural trading division was set up in 1977. Over the years, the agri-division has expanding activities to meet and exceed our customers expectations. Manufacturing quality coarse and cube feed for poultry and ruminant species, intake of green cereals and grain processing, stevedoring, storage, sale of fertilizer and farm outputs, forage analysis; providing the latest technical advice for farm management. We promise first class customer service, quality & innovation through practicing lean principles in a socially responsible manner. Implementing agriculture intelligence technologies to provide customised complementary diets for our customers based on FAA assured forage analysis in conjunction with our developed system for real-time analysis of raw materials to monitor inputs and ensure accuracy of outputs.

What FAA Membership Means for Bandon Co-Op Agri-Feeds

FAA membership measures and validates our performance in providing a quick, low cost method of forage analysis comparable to traditional analysis. FAA provide resources for development of calibrations, and instruments to ensure we are utilizing both effectively.
Exact determination of forage nutritional composition results enables us to give more precise feeding advice and formulate customised diets. We test a wide range of forages such as fresh grass, grass silage, maize silage and whole crop silage to provide our customers with a complete nutritional plan. The detailed reports generated gives us information on the nutritional composition of the forage. This valuable information allows us to advise on each category of ruminant animal and avoid wastage of energy, protein and minerals. We adopt the most advanced diet formulation technologies to synchronise protein and energy digestion to help achieve higher feed efficiencies and improve profitability on farm.

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