We deliver transformational projects to drive productivity and boost farming and supply chain businesses. We want the industry to thrive in a rapidly changing world and continue to produce high quality food, maintain our beautiful landscape and leave a legacy for generations to come. To cover the whole supply chain, we work with farmers, growers, packers, processers, agronomists, vets and abattoirs. This helps us unify the industry, bridge gaps in knowledge and encourage collaboration to build a stronger future for everyone.

What forage analysis means for AHDB

AIC manage the organisation of the FAA Group, providing a chairperson (John Kelley), technical secretariat (Roberta Reeve) and financial services (Lisa Hawes).
Within AIC, the Animal Feed Sector provides policy, guidance, trade assurance schemes and training including the Feed Adviser Register (FAR) and the feed assurance schemes UFAS, FEMAS and TASCC. Forage is an important part of animal feed for ruminant diets. Analysis of forage, together with nutritional expertise from nutritionists and feed advisers allow optimum diets to be devised that combine home-grown forage with bought-in feeds.
Healthy efficient diets will optimise output, whilst minimising the environmental impact and pollution from animal production.
AIC works with the FAA Group to maintain and improve the standards of forage analysis available to the farmer and feed industry.

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