The UK Forage Analysis Assurance Group is the quality control governing body for laboratories analysing wet forages.
Collectively the group analyses approximately 50,000 grass, maize and whole crop cereal silages every year.
Our members use Near InfraRed Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) machines to rapidly, reliably and accurately measure silage quality.

FAA’s “Quality Control” role over forage laboratories
improves accuracy, efficiency and reliability of silage analysis

As farmers’ margins tighten, the need to reduce inefficiency in all aspects of the food producing supply chain has never been greater. Striving to do that for forage analysis is the Forage Analysis Assurance Group – the quality control governing body for the laboratories that analyse forages in the UK using Near InfraRed Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS). As a result of FAA’s work the accuracy of forage analysis is constantly improving and the variability reducing, making the information on which feeding decisions are based more reliable.

Formed in 2000 to improve the accuracy of analysing forages, the group is made up of laboratories that collectively test around 50,000 samples a year which is the vast majority of silages analysed in the UK. The FAA group is self funded on a levy basis and run by a independent technical secretary (currently vacant) and chairman Dr Jonathan Blake.

The FAA was set-up by our members because analysing wet forage by NIRS can be fraught with difficulties due to the nature of the material being tested, the differences between instruments and the personnel who process the samples.

Our Members

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Bandon co-op Agri Feeds

Bio Simetrics

FBA Labs


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Harpers Feeds

Kerry Agribusiness

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Tangerine Group

Trouw Nutrition

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